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DYVE RVFM 89.7 Borongan City - Estehanon's great music variety and information. The Coolest FM Radio Station in Borongan city.

Let’s dive into the melodic waves of 89.7 RVFM—your auditory sanctuary in Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines.

At 89.7 RVFM, we’re more than just a radio station; we’re the heartbeat of Borongan. Our frequencies resonate with passion, connecting communities, and weaving musical tales. Here’s what sets us apart

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Diverse Playlist: From sunrise to sunset, our DJs curate an eclectic mix. Expect everything from classic hits to indie gems, jazz riffs to rock anthems. We celebrate musical diversity because life isn’t monotonous, and neither is our playlist.
Local Flavor: We’re deeply rooted in Eastern Samar. Tune in for exclusive interviews with local artists, live performances, and a spotlight on homegrown talent. Whether it’s a folk ballad or an urban beat, we’ve got your hometown vibes covered.
Global Reach: While our antennas touch the skies of Borongan, our online stream transcends borders. Whether you’re sipping coffee in a local café or exploring distant lands, RVFM accompanies you

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DYVE RVFM 89.7 Borongan City